Wednesday, 5 November 2014


A Little Something Different
 Sandy Hall

PUBLISHER: Swoon Reads
GENRE: Contemporary
PAGES: 272
SOURCE: Waterstones/Amazon

The creative writing teacher, the delivery guy, the local Starbucks baristas, his best friend, her roommate, and the squirrel in the park all have one thing in common—they believe that Gabe and Lea should get together. Lea and Gabe are in the same creative writing class. They get the same pop culture references, order the same Chinese food, and hang out in the same places. Unfortunately, Lea is reserved, Gabe has issues, and despite their initial mutual crush, it looks like they are never going to work things out.  But somehow even when nothing is going on, something is happening between them, and everyone can see it. Their creative writing teacher pushes them together. The baristas at Starbucks watch their relationship like a TV show. Their bus driver tells his wife about them. The waitress at the diner automatically seats them together. Even the squirrel who lives on the college green believes in their relationship. 

Surely Gabe and Lea will figure out that they are meant to be together....


A little something different is exactly that. It's something unique, I liked that it was written from 14 different view points, none being the two main characters, I thought was a really interesting take on a story. You were reading about their love story from an outside prospective rather that from the point of view of one of the characters which I really enjoyed as I felt like I was as invested in the love story as well as the other characters in the book. 

I really enjoyed getting to know Gabe and Lea through the eyes of all the people around them as they were very likeable characters that I definitely joined in the want for them to be together throughout the whole book. This is only short book, which I liked as it meant I could read it in one sitting and use it as a cute, fluffy break from another book I was reading. 

There were however a couple of faults (only small ones though); this being that at times I got so frustrated with how Gabe or Lea acted, like I literally wanted to tell them to get a grip on so many occasions and felt in certain parts, some of the point of view's seemed to be slow and some felt like more could have been written but that may just have been a matter of enjoying certain perspectives that others,

On the whole I did like this book. It was a cute and quick, fun read. I was definitely rooting for Lea and Gabe throughout the story.

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