Tuesday, 16 December 2014

TOP TEN TUESDAY - Top Ten Books I Read In 2014

This weeks Top Ten Tuesday hosted by The Broke & The Bookish is all about my top ten books of 2014. This year has been the year that I've really got into reading; in previous years I'd just read the odd book that was really popular at a certain time but this year I've ventured out, discovered booktube, book blogs and by book buying and reading has accelerated. With that, comes lots of good books being read and my top eight are...

LANDLINE - Rainbow Rowell

This is without fail my favourite Rainbow Rowell book, I just love books that make me feel warm and fuzzy inside when I finish them and this definitely did that for me.


This book was such a feel good book. I bought this on a whim when it came up as a suggestion when buying other books and I'm so glad it did. It was one of those books that you read not expecting much but really exceeds your expectations.


This was without doubt one of, if not my favourite book of year. I read it in one sitting I was just so engrossed in it the whole way through and just couldn't put it down until it was finished and couldn't help but smile when I'd finished it.

FANGIRL - Rainbow Rowell

This is the first Rainbow Rowell book I'd read and really enjoyed it, it was a light-hearted, easy read with very likeable characters. 

ALIENATED - Melissa Landers

I thought this story was quite unique, I haven't read a book about an exchange programme before let alone an intergalactic exchange programme. I thought the story was quite easy and quick to read. I'm definitely excited for book two to come out in a few months.

ATTACHMENTS - Rainbow Rowell 

I really enjoyed this book. It was an easy read and I was gripped to the story the whole way through and couldn't wait to see how things played out. The ending so cute, it again left me with the warm, fuzzy happiness I feel when a cute love story ends how I want it to.


I don't think I can do a top ten of 2014 without given this book at least a mention. I love it. I originally read it over a year ago but re-read it for about the fourth time prior to the film again and fell back in love with Hazel and Gus.


REBEL BELLE - Rachel Hawkins

I really liked how badass this book was. I think Rachel Hawkins did really well in balancing out the girliness and the badass action scenes without making it to much of either. It was a really enjoyable read and I can't wait for the sequel.


What have your favourite books been this year?


  1. I read This Song Will Save Your Life this year and SO nearly put it into My TTT for 2014. Maybe I should have... :S Loved it.

    Adding ALL of the other books to my TBR list :) Thanks!