Thursday, 1 January 2015


This week I took the plunge, I went on a blind date....with a book!

I have been seeing this around a lot where you buy a book that is wrapped so you can't judge the book by it's cover, because let's be honest. We all do judge books, if the cover is beautiful, we're going to want to at least have it apart of our collection. 

I love the mystery around a blind date with a book, picking out a book based on a few descriptive work or by random so I wanted to buy one, unfortunately I couldn't find a book store in my area that did it, so I took to etsy and found a shop called Sarah's Upcycled, who sells, amongst other things; Blind dates with books.

This is the book I received, it came so beautifully packaged with the lace and string as well as also coming with sachets of hot chocolate and green tea. The book cover is completely covered so you can't see the cover at all, which I like as it means I can go into the book completely blind and non-judgemental.

I think this is such a fun way to discover new books you probably wouldn't normally pick up or read.
I'm so excited to read it soon!


  1. Buuuut you DIDN'T TELL US WHAT IT IS. Dying of suspense here. XD

    My library did this for Valentine's day and I think it's fantastic idea except...I hate surprises. xD So not sure if I'd ever take the plunge but I love the idea!
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

    1. I don't know either, this is literally one where they've properly covered it, like glued the brown paper over the actual cover. So I guess I just have to go in completely blind!!!!! :D

      & you're welcome :D